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While a lot of people are looking for ways to convert different types of documents to PDF, there are many good reasons why you may want to convert PDF to XLS instead. PDF files can be accessed over the Internet and they are not dependent on particular devices, which mean people can read them on different platforms once they have PDF readers installed. The caliber of PDF files is also generally high, leading to better quality of viewing. However, PDF readers don't have editing options and they tend to be less versatile than XLS programs.

Individuals who would like to edit their PDF documents may need to convert them to XLS format. The XLS format makes it simple to carry out necessary calculations.

It's relatively easy to convert other file types to PDF and support the original format. However, if you want to convert PDF to XLS, the operation is not straight forward. If your document is relatively small, say a webpage or less, the contents may be copied and pasted right into a spreadsheet program. It may be necessary to copy the document and save it as HTML before copying and pasting it for an XLS program. There are techniques used in converting PDF files to HTML.

However, copying and pasting large documents can be challenging. Other PDF files are also locked such that the contents can't be copied. Fortunately, there are different types of software accustomed to for the conversion. It is relatively easy to convert PDF to XLS by utilizing appropriate software. The conversion programs often have wizards that give a step-by-step guide. The consumer just needs to choose a number of options, such as the file to convert, its page range and output folder for the converted file. Alteration is usually fast and hassle-free. Depending on the application used, it may be possible to either extract tables only or import the whole PDF document, including images, and maintain its structure.

The downside of using software to transform PDF to XLS is that the files will not include necessary functions, calculation formulae and macros. Since it will be possible to edit the files, however, the user can add the required functions.